Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ravinder Tulsiani: Your Leadership EDGE

'Your Leadership EDGE' training program will help you to develop the core competencies needed to become an exceptional leader to enable you to engage and develop your employees so that you can drive massive growth to your organization.

The book is not about making you aware of leadership competencies; awareness is only the first step to mastering anything. This is exactly what most books and programs on leadership do; and that’s why they fail.

In fact, we have had no noticeable improvement in employee attitude over the past decade. Surveys in 2000 and 2012 suggests that there has been no major shift in employee engagement attitude, 70% of all employees continue to be disengaged from their employer interest. In fact, 30% of employee are actively disengaged, that is, they intentionally work against the company’s overall core objectives.

How much more productive would your company be if you could reduce the number of disengaged employees? What would that do to the overall company morale?

The source of the problem is not employees. Numerous exit interview studies have found that employees don’t leave companies, they leave their managers. Yet, most companies focus on carrot and stick approach to effect employee behaviour and engagement levels.

Logically, if 70% of employees are disengaged in the workforce and most report leaving as a result of their experience with their managers - isn’t it time that we look at what the manager’s could do differently to improve employee disengagement situation?

So, is it the manager’s fault? No. Most manager’s became managers because they were good employees and were rewarded with a promotion. But, once promoted, very few organizations train their manager’s to manage properly. These managers rely on their past experience as employees themselves to manage their subordinates without any leadership training.

So, is the answer leadership training. Yes - in part. I firmly believe that training is rarely the silver bullet, however, a solid foundation is a prerequisite to leadership mastery. ‘Your Leadership EDGE’ will give you the foundation necessary to be an effective leader.

Using the step-by-step program outlined in each of the chapters in this book you will not only become more aware of the core leadership competencies; you will acquire the necessary leadership skills foundation that will enable you to develop and support a highly engaged and productive workforce.

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