Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ravinder Tulsiani: 5 Qualities of Superior Leaders

It’s hard to say what the exact formula behind becoming a superior #leader is. Either it’s an inborn behavioural trait or development of the personality or gaining expertise by adopting certain skills through practice is still a matter of debate among psychologists.

According Brian Tracy- “Followers think and talk about the problems; leaders think and talk about the solutions”. #briantracy

Being a leader is not an easy thing. You become one of the prime faces of your organization. While your company’s profit will take you to the peak of your success, its failure will make you befall simultaneously. #Leadership is a matter of great responsibility and superior leaders are those who have all the following aspects and traits in their characteristics. #HR

1. Mission and vision:

As a superior leader, you have to be in line with the mission and vision of your organization and how to accomplish it. The mission should be direct and to the point and it’s your duty to make sure all the employees are identifying with it and showing enough diligence to achieve it. Your vision should be categorically defined and redefined, so that every employee can instantly comprehend it. #leadership

2. Challenge and Initiative:

You have to face multiple situations every now and then that ask for challenge and promise. A superior leader always initiates himself/herself to face such challenging situations and win over it. When it’s a do or die scenario going on in your company, you just cannot afford to sit back; you have to come forward and take initiative. #business

3. Interpersonal Skills:

A leader becomes superior only when he/she succeeds in solving problems and convincing people quickly to get their jobs done. These depend a lot on the leader’s interpersonal skills. You have to make yourself approachable and friendly to others. Build rapport with almost anyone and everyone whom you may need for the benefits of your company. If your employees will find their boss to be cordial and congenial, they will come to you with their problems and discuss those with you at length. This will help you to develop a more cohesive team and a stronger team spirit. Not all leaders are adept at these skills, but very often you have to pay too high a cost, if you cannot master the interpersonal skills properly. For that you may take a course, hire a trainer or a therapist to develop the interpersonal skills within yourself.

4. Moral Values:

A superior leader is highly aware of his/her moral values. If you are not morally strong and integral enough, you cannot guide your subordinates through the right pathway. Every time make yourself a subject of self evaluation. Try to find out your loopholes and work on it. Develop yourself not only as a strong leader but also as an honest leader.

5. Inspiration:

You are the role model of your team. Employees will keep on looking up to you for guidance and encouragement. A superior leader always inspires his team. Hence come back to your employees time and again, praise them, trust them and show them how patiently you are depending on them. Your trust will make them respect and love you and they will try to give their best not to let you down.

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