Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ravinder Tulsiani: How to Create an Effective Mentor/Coaching Program

Just like an effective business strategy is important for its growth, similar a well designed mentoring program is responsible for training the staff and invoking leadership qualities within them. Creating a proper mentoring program is not easy as it requires a lot of efforts as well as understanding to come up with a complete program. If you wish to enhance the skills of the staff, their training and development is very important. This can be best accomplished with the help of the mentoring program which is highly helpful and valuable too. So let us consider the different factors which need to be kept in mind while creating a #mentoring program. #traininganddevelopment

Define your goals

It is important to get familiar with the goals and objectives that you wish to fulfill. Once you know the goals, it becomes quite easy to frame the program and make sure that the goals are met keeping in mind the deadlines. So identifying the objectives is very important and can prove helpful in training your staff in the right way and making them more efficient to achieve their targets on time. #HR

A reason to be a part of the mentoring program

The staff will not show any interest in the mentoring program unless there is a benefit associated with it. Make them understand the importance of the program and how it can prove useful in taking their career to the next level. Guide them about the benefits of the program and how every individual will get to learn something new and unique. Creating interest in their mind is an imperative for program success. #leadership

Right implementation

Creating a mentoring program is not enough unless it is executed in the right direction. The mentor must take an effort towards executing the program so that the staff is happy and benefits from it in a number of ways. Properly follow the minute details of the program and make sure that the best comes your way. #business


This is the most important segment because the mentors must know what the staff is learning and whether they are utilizing it practically or not. So evaluation on a regular basis can definitely make a huge difference and can prove efficient too. As per the changing needs, the program can be altered so as to meet the current business requirements and survive in the competition as well.

So follow the above steps and create a mentoring program.

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