Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 Benefits of enrolling in a communication (speaking) course

One of the greatest fears that a large number of people face in this world is that of public speaking. While it’s not entirely uncommon for us to be in awe of a fistful of those who have a strong command over their verbal artistry, it’s a lot less likely for us to grow this talent without a structured training. This is where a communication course comes into the picture. Besides enabling you to communicate better, these courses stand to benefit you in ways more than one. Here, let’s take a look at the top 10 benefits offered by communication courses. 

1. Boost your confidence  
Communicating the right way can take your confidence quite a few notches higher. In fact, one of the many reasons for a low self-esteem and lack of confidence is the inability to express oneself clearly. Once the fear of speaking is alleviated, you feel more open towards putting across your views and voicing your opinions just like a confident person would do. 

2. Make people listen to you  
The key to making people listen to what you tell them is connecting with them through what you say. Not just words but diction and body language too have a lot to contribute when it comes to communicating in an effective way. Communication courses take these aspects into account and train you accordingly.

3. Enhance your sense of presence
Nothing can make for an impactful presence than a compelling way of speaking. And, what is a compelling way of speaking? A fine balance of the right cadence and an appropriate expression, trained to perfection.

4. Improve teamwork 
For all those aspiring to shine in their professional fronts, communicating right comes across as one of the most important qualities. Working effectively in a team and creating a mutually-cooperative environment are valued in today’s organisations. Therefore, polishing your communication skills can be one of the basic steps to steer your career on the right track.    

5. Be a good listener
A fundamental step to become a good speaker is to listen well. Taking this the other way round, listening is also a skill that needs honing since it improves the interpersonal relationships and creates scope for effective conversations.    

6. Develop writing skills
A communication course also helps one to develop writing abilities. An exercise of thinking faster and articulating your thoughts eventually help you to put on paper exactly what you think in a more lucid way.  

7. Get better at delivering presentations
Armed with good communication skills, you can only get better at delivering presentations that make a point and do so with absolute confidence. In this way, speaking courses pack an extra punch to your professional skills.   

8. Strengthen your leadership abilities
This benefit actually goes without saying since communication courses address some of the most pertinent qualities essential for playing an effective leadership role - speaking well and listening better.    

9. Discover the pleasures of communicating
Communicating is the best form of understanding and making a connection with someone. As such courses that help you in communicating better also encourage you to make friends, strike relationships and create lasting impressions.      

10. Tackle real life situations
Better communication skills also translate into a better way of dealing with real life situations. With no fear or inhibitions attached, you are more at ease with your verbal power and can use it to stand up for a cause or to make your voice heard.   

Ravinder Tulsiani, is a renowned Leadership Expert, Author and Speaker. He has appeared in several major media outlets including Bloomberg, CNN and Wall Street Journal and is the author of numerous quality, business and self-help resources. See

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