Thursday, August 8, 2013

The 7 Best YouTube Channels for L&D

When you need to learn something new or keep up with the latest trends, a video is a good way to access information. We were curious which YouTube channels had the most content for Learning and Development, so we did some research and came up with a list of seven. Not surprisingly, a majority of the channels are produced by educational technology companies.

Here are our top picks:

Cogentys eLearning TV
Cogentys, a Hollywood-based educational technology company, has a YouTube channel focused on eLearning. Some of the topics covered include: “The Best Free eLearning Tools,” “20,000 eLearning Courses Available through OpenSesame,” and an interview with Mike Rustici about Tin Can API. You can also subscribe to the company’s eLearning TV blog to find out when something new has been uploaded to the channel.eLearner Engaged
This custom eLearning developer has a comprehensive channel of 100 videos in topics such as: social media in education, distance education, online classroom training, elearning, instructional design, and increasing learner engagement.Blackboard
Blackboard offers an Innovative Teaching Series playlist that offers insights on grading, increasing student engagement and setting up an online classroom for K-12 educators. The most popular video on the channel (at 33,623 views) is “The Voice of the Active Learner,” explaining how digital natives prefer to learn.Adobe eLearning
Adobe Systems has a popular channel for eLearning designers and developers. The Adobe eLearning channel has tutorials on Captivate 5, Captivate 6, Presenter8 and Presenter Video Creator. Some of the lessons offered include: “Voice to Text Automated Closed Captions in Adobe Presenter,” and “Drag and Drop is Insanely Simple with Adobe Captivate.”Kineo TV
Kineo Learning has a number of videos of interest to instructional designers including, “10 Trends: A Summary of the Learning Insights Report,”” eLearning Design Principles,” “Compliance eLearning,” and “Health and Safety eLearning.” Many of the videos are animations—a welcome change from talking head videos.Lively eLearning
eLearning developer and blogger Cathy Moore has a YouTube channel where she shares her eLearning expertise. Some of the titles include: “Big Mistakes in eLearning,” “Design, Not Technology,” and “Prototyping for Better eLearning.”TED-Education
At 269,861 subscribers, the TED Education channel is the biggest YouTube channel for L&D. This channel is an interesting assortment of videos on topics as diverse as, “What is Verbal Irony,” “The Hidden Power of Smiling,” and “How Farming Planted Seeds for the Internet.” Visiting this channel is a great way to pass a lunch hour.

Any other channels you would like to add? Tell us in comments.

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